Merv 10, High Capacity Pleated Air Filter

With lower initial resistance and better dust holding capacity, this is the high capacity version of Brookaire's pleated MERV 10 air filter. These filters are fabricated using a wire backed synthetic media assembled within a beverage board cardboard frame. High Capacity Pleated MERV 10 air filters come in a vast array of standard size die cut frames in 1", 2" & 4" depths. The pleated style design provides additional surface area of media maximizing the air flow and efficiency. These air filters provide the perfect balance of air flow and efficiency. Pleated MERV 10 filters are commonly used in high end residential and commercial HVAC systems.

Please note: Our MERV 10 range of filters is an upgraded version of our superseded MERV 8 filters. These can generally be used anywhere you would previously have used MERV 8. This has been made possible with cutting edge technology, producing filter media with better efficiency while maintaining comparable resistance values.

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