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Helping Hospitals, Medical Centers & Healthcare Facilities Improve Air Quality

When it comes to hospitals and healthcare facilities, maintaining the highest standard of air quality is crucial for ensuring a healthy and safe environment. These spaces are exposed to different airborne viruses and bacteria brought in by patients which pose the risk of transmitting to others – and medical equipment as well. Considering hospitals and healthcare facilities treat those who are most vulnerable and in critical condition, air quality can truly be the difference between life and death. 

That’s why Chief Engineers have to take the utmost care to ensure their facilities not only use the highest quality air filters, but practise regular HVAC maintenance and servicing too. At Brookaire, we work alongside engineers in hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical centers across the Northeast to create safer spaces by improving indoor air quality.

Key Areas For Hospitals, Medical Centers & Healthcare Facilities

Waiting Rooms

These areas see the most amount of people throughout hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare facilities. It’s the high-traffic nature of waiting rooms that makes them easily contaminated. A wide combination of bacteria and viruses can be present in the air at any given time, making patients and staff much more susceptible to transmission.

Patient Rooms

Although patient rooms don’t have the same high-traffic volumes as waiting rooms, the close proximity of patient rooms poses harmful health risks to individuals and staff. People here are always near one another which greatly increases the chances of illness transmission. Premium-quality air filters along with proper mask-wearing are the best defence in these close-proximity areas.

Operating Rooms

Patients undergoing operations or procedures are most at-risk of harmful health effects from poor air quality. Medical professionals wear the highest-grade protective equipment to stop the spread of any bacteria to patients here. However, this does not prevent patients from being exposed to what’s in the air. The highest-grade HVAC filters are needed here to create the safest environments for patients. 

Premium-Quality Brookaire Filters

We are proud to offer the Northeast’s largest inventory of premium-quality HVAC filters that meet the needs of today’s hospitals, medical centers and healthcare facilities. Our MERV, ASHRAE Cell and HEPA filters are built to the highest standards – with our HEPA filters reaching a minimum efficiency rating of 99.97% in capturing particles between .3 - 10 microns. They’re the best choice for these critical environments and offer the best protection against harmful air particles. Better still, they maximize HVAC system efficiency to increase effectiveness and reduce maintenance requirements. 

Brookaire also designs and manufactures custom air filters that are built-to-spec, meaning Chief Engineers can quickly get premium Brookaire filters in any size and with expert guidance. 

Best Filters For Healthcare

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