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HVAC Filters For Data Centers

Data Centers are the pulse of our modern world, and the flow of clean air is critical to maintain the flow of data. Like the human body, they rely on many different moving parts and signals to run smoothly and efficiently. Like us, poor indoor air quality can have harmful effects on how they operate. While the machinery used in data centers is quite powerful, it is also quite sensitive.

Air pollutants like dirt, dust, sulfur particles and chlorine particles can damage this electrical equipment in many ways – from preventing airflow for system cooling to interfering with delicate moving parts, and even corroding electrical components. As such, data centers need a higher grade of air filtration than typical commercial spaces.

Mission Critical air filters

Brookaire's air filters are precision-made with premium quality materials to ensure the machinery in data centers is protected from even the smallest air pollutants. From our various Pleated MERV 10 Filters to our Carbon Pleated Air Filters, V-Bank filters, Rigid Box filters, HEPA filters and more, Brookaire offers the best-in-class products to prevent server downtime or failure. We also locally manufacture custom-sized air filters that are built to fit the specifications of any HVAC system.

Mission Critical Air Filters

Reduce Energy Costs in Data Centers

Data centers are becoming increasingly dependent on air filtration systems to ensure the sustainability and proper function of their operations. Brookaire air filters provide a reliable, cost-effective solution that contributes significantly to lowering energy costs while still providing effective air filter protection. The use of high-efficiency pleated air filters, HEPA filters, and electrostatic air filters provided by Brookaire can reduce energy costs by up to 40%. Additionally, these air filters remove dirt, dust, and other airborne particles to ensure the continual smooth operation of data center HVAC systems in any environment. As such, data centers benefit significantly from Brookaire air filter technology, resulting in cooler temperatures, higher efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Lengthen Data Center Hardware Life

Air filters trap dust, pollen, and other small particles from entering the data center and clogging airflow pathways. By keeping this debris out, air filters will help keep hardware components from becoming excessively dirty, allowing hardware to last longer.

Reduce corrosion of equipment

Air filters can help protect electrical components from airborne corrosion. Corrosive particles can be trapped by the air filter, thus helping to reduce the rate of equipment malfunction.

Improve air quality

Filter media can help reduce the amount of airborne particles that can significantly impact the air quality of the data center. This can help to ensure the personnel in the data center remain comfortable while also protecting them from the potential health risks associated with poor air quality.

View our full range of air filters or contact us today to discuss custom filters for data centers.

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