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Indoor Air Quality In Schools

“Clean air in every school should be a national priority for all k-12 schools and childcare facilities” 

- Claire Barnett, Executive of Healthy Schools Network

Brookaire has been helping schools, childcare and academic facilities enjoy clean indoor air quality since 1974. But it doesn’t take half a century of HVAC industry experience to know how important clean air is for our children. 

Around 20% of the American population are in schools every day (students, faculty and parents). That’s over 66 million people nationwide. However, nearly 60% of schools nationwide struggle to handle issues like poor air quality. Schools are also around 4 times more densely occupied than offices, making children and staff far more susceptible to harmful air pollutants and illness. 

With indoor air quality levels at historic lows and illness risks to students & staff at all-time highs, quality HVAC filters and service supplies are more important than ever before.

The #1 Choice For Schools

"Schools should upgrade ventilation and HVAC systems to both improve the environment for children and teachers"
- Kenneth Mendez, President and CEO, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Many schools, childcare facilities and universities have a variety of learning spaces that require different HVAC solutions. Cafeterias, gyms, laboratories, workshops and classrooms are just a few of the many areas that use distinct air filtration systems. Using the correct filters and doing regular HVAC maintenance is critical to providing safe air quality in schools – reducing health risks caused by pollutants and illnesses.

Our wide range of high-quality filters & HVAC service supplies makes us the #1 choice for Facility Directors in schools across the Northeast. With the largest inventory of the industry’s best brands and even custom air filters built-to-spec, Brookaire helps countless American schools improve indoor air quality for students and staff.

By upgrading from low MERV rated standard air filters to our MERV 10 High-Capacity Pleated Filters, MERV 13 Pleated Filters, or HEPA Air Filters, Facility Directors can reduce the effects and instances of COVID-19, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Simple changes like this can drastically improve indoor air quality for schools with lasting impact. 

Best Filters For Schools

View our range of air filters or contact us to discuss custom filters for schools, childcare facilities and universities.

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