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Pharmaceutical Air Filters

High-quality HVAC filters are necessary for the pharmaceutical industry as it requires the lowest levels of air pollutants – especially in cleanrooms.  Brookaire offers the Northeast’s highest-grade air filters to remove dust, airborne particles, aerosol particles and chemical vapors in cleanrooms and throughout pharmaceutical facilities.

In short, a cleanroom is a space in which airflow is controlled and air particles are carefully monitored. This ensures that medicine is researched, made and tested in the most sterile conditions possible. It’s these strict measures that make medicine safe for use around the world.

Filters like Brookaire’s HEPA and Rigid Box models are the best choice for use in these spaces. 

High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing

Brookaire’s High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filter offers the highest levels of air purity. Proudly made with premium air filtration materials, our HEPA filters maximize the number of particles that are removed from the air. Our designs are proven and certified to capture 99.99% of particles between .3 - 10 microns. They have the highest filtration efficiency of all, making them ideal for cleanrooms and pharmaceutical production. We have a range of standard filter sizes suitable for most HVAC specifications and even manufacture custom-built filters to fit any HVAC system. 

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Rigid Box Filters

Our extended surface Rigid Box can be used in HVAC systems where high-efficiency filtration is needed. Built with a galvanized metal frame, tapered pleat configuration, and engineered separators, Brookaire’s Rigid Box filters offer 95% filtration efficiency. A Deep “V” maximizes dust-holding, while 100% synthetic separators are resistant to abrasion, moisture, and microbial growth. We have a wide selection of standard sizes and depths, and like our HEPA filters, offer custom sizes that are built to spec.

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View our full range of air filters or contact us today to discuss custom filters for Pharmaceutical Facilities.

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