2 Tips For Managing (At No Cost) Your HVAC Orders Effectively!


Learn How to Facilitate Your HVAC Orders With:
Neat & Accurate Job-Tagging + Real Time Alerts



Job-Tagging is a free service that enables fast and easy distribution of HVAC orders to your warehouse! All your jobs (orders placed) will be bundled and tagged, with each label noting how many cases make up that order. Take advantage of this complimentary service on your next order! Simply provide us with the instructions how to organize and label your order(s). Rest assured, we will deliver your preventative maintenance materials in the way you asked for.

  • Job-tagging on all your orders.
  • TAG-IT! with a job name, number, address or anything!
  • No need to order in full case quantities!
  • We let you know how many boxes make up that job!


You can now receive free real-time tracking alerts on all your job-site deliveries placed with Brookaire. A helpful tool for HVAC service managers, to stay on top of all the deliveries and ETA-s. Simply provide us with your email or phone number and we will send you a link so you can monitor your orders in real time.

  • Real time tracking and alerts.
  • From pick up to drop off, you will know your order’s every move.
  • Live map to track your orders and view the real-time ETA of the driver.
  • Receive SMS alert message with a tagged delivery ETA.
  • Proof of delivery.