High Capacity Pleated MERV 8 Filter - 20 x 25 x 1

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SKU: S-PLM8H-20251
MERV Rating: 8

High Capacity Pleated MERV 8 Filter 20x25x1

The 20x25x1 high capacity filter by GeoPure will remove a variety of irritating particles from your home and boost your air quality. Its pleated media will attract and capture many common home pollutants, such as:

  • Dust mite droppings and body parts
  • Powdered milk
  • Dusting aids
  • Dander from cats, dogs and other pets
  • Mold spores
  • Hair spray
  • Pudding mix
  • Fabric protector

This filter features 100% synthetic media and electrostatically charged fibers. This charge attracts and captures the particles in your HVAC system, unlike other filters that physically trap pollutants. The media's pleats mean that there is more surface area at 15 pleats per linear square foot, so the filter can trap more irritants. Sturdy wires reinforce these pleats for greater durability.

The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) determines the efficiency of filters. The high capacity pleated filter replacement 20x25x1 has a MERV rating of 8, capturing up to 85% of particles three to 10 microns in size. It also has a UL rating of Class 2 standard 900.

Like the media, the frame of the high capacity MERV 8 20x25x1 filter is built to last. The frame features moisture-resistant, die-cut chipboard that will keep the filter working as long as you expect. This filter works well in residential and commercial buildings as well as industrial workplaces, and it is made in the USA.

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MERV Rating8Air Filter TypeHigh Capacity, Pleated FilterEfficiency<40%Media TypeSyntheticFrame TypeMoisture Resistant Die Cut ChipboardGradePremium ProfessionalClass

15 pleat/linear sq. ft.

Electrostatically enhanced, 100% synthetic fibers

UL Class 2 standard 900, Wire-reinforced

Particle size

3-10 μm

CapturesMold spores, dust mite body parts and droppings, cat and dog dander, hair spray, fabric protector, dusting aids, pudding mix, powdered milkTypical ApplicationsBetter residential, Commercial buildings, Industrial workplacesManufacturedProudly Made in the USA!

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