1", 2" and 4" Carbon Filter from Heat and Cool Warehouse
Odor Control

With the newer homes being designed for efficiency, there is a need for odor reduction filters specifically designed for elimination of smoking fumes, cooking and other odors.
The Glasfloss Carbotron Pleated Filter uses an activated carbon with tiny openings designed to adsorb odorous gas molecules from the air, so clean, fresh air remains.

Furnace Filter Warehouse - Heat and Cool Warehouse has various sizes of 1" filters specifically designed to minimize unpleasant odors. The activated carbon used in the Carbotron Pleat has millions of tiny openings that absorb odoruos gas molecules from the air, so clean fresh smelling air remains Below are links to the MERV 8 Carbotron Filters.

1" Carbotron2" Carbotron4" Carbotron

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