Welcome To Our HVAC and Air Filter Supply Blog!

Welcome To Our HVAC and Air Filter Supply Blog!

Hello there! We’re so glad you’ve found the new and improve Brookaire website and that you’ve taken the time to read a blog post or two. Here at Brookaire, we’ve been providing consumers, distributors, and service professionals with high quality HVAC parts and supplies since 1974. Back then we sold HVAC equipment through our brick and mortar store, but thanks to the internet, we’ve now transitioned to providing HVAC supplies online. This makes it even easier for us to offer you heating and air conditioning supplies at attractive prices!

No matter whether you’re an HVAC tech, a business owner, or a private consumer, chances are you enjoy breathing clean air and living in an energy efficient home. Brookaire can help with both of these goals. Our selection of air filters for HVAC systems and vehicle engines is second to none. We also offer v-belts and coil cleaners so you can keep your HVAC equipment in top shape at all times.

Keep reading to learn more about our online HVAC supply store and don’t forget to shop our full selection of products today!

Why Buy HVAC Parts Online?

Perhaps you’re wondering why we’re so excited about offering HVAC parts online. After all, private consumers can simply go to their local hardware or home improvement store to buy air filters (assuming they don’t just call their local HVAC professional to take care of it). Those who are in the HVAC business might have a local distributor from whom they’ve obtained HVAC parts and supplies for many years. You’re right, there are other options, but why make things hard on yourself? When you choose to order HVAC supplies from our online store, you can save both valuable time and significant amounts of money.

Who Can Buy Our HVAC Supplies?

Although we specialize in commercial and industrial air filtration, that’s not to say that private citizens are barred from purchasing HVAC parts and supplies from our online store. In fact, if you’re dealing with an older house, and find yourself in need of non-standard sizes and custom size air filters, Brookaire is the perfect choice! We have a full selection of standard & non-standard filter sizes, featuring a 20 percent recycled cardboard moisture proof frame which stands strong at up to 46 percent greater thickness than competing filters.

Quality HVAC Parts & Supplies Create Healthier Communities

It may not seem as exciting as shopping for home goods on Amazon or buying new shoes on Zappos, but shopping for HVAC parts online at Brookaire.com is every bit as noble as these pleasurable pursuits.

Air filters are the unsung heroes of our communities, blocking harmful pollutants from entering our atmosphere at a rapid rate. That means air filters are directly responsible for you being able to take a big breath of fresh air every time you walk outside…isn’t that incredible?

Another benefit of using top of the line, modern air filters is that you’ll likely enjoy lower energy costs–or be able to pass lower energy costs onto any customers for whom you install these parts.

Shop now or contact us to learn more!

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