Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs To Be Serviced

Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs To Be Serviced

Summer is a wonderful season. The days are long, the temperatures are warm, and we get to finally shake off that cabin fever in exchange for lots of outdoor activity. But depending on where in the world you’re located, summer can sometimes be a little TOO warm. It’s on these days, when the temperatures climb into three digits, that we breathe a sigh of thanks for our central air conditioning systems, and stay inside where the air is cool. Hopefully.

All too often, we forget to give our HVAC systems the tender loving care they need to perform at their best. Then one day, when it’s excruciatingly hot, the air conditioner will inevitably stop working as well as it should, leaving you to sweat while searching online for an HVAC professional who can help.

Here at Brookaire Company, we’re proud to have been serving America’s clean-air needs since 1974. We’re proud that our online HVAC supply store makes it easy for furnace repair professionals, as well as private citizens, to obtain HVAC parts and supplies at a price that’s kind to their wallet.

Your air conditioner is an important part of your HVAC system, which is why we’ve put together a handy list of warning signs that could help you to prevent the uncomfortable scenario described above. Keep reading to learn more and check out the selection in our HVAC supply store today!

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Help…FAST!

The Air Is Warm – Do you find yourself constantly inching the thermostat lower and lower throughout the day, just to stay comfortable? If your air conditioner is putting out lukewarm air instead of cool air, something is definitely wrong. “…lack of cool air could mean that your system’s compressor has failed. It could also mean that you’re your system’s Freon levels are too low. When that time comes, you might have to replace the unit,” explains

The Airflow Is Weak – If the air coming out of your vents is cool, but the airflow is barely making the curtains flutter, it could mean your air filter is in dire need of replacement. Over time, debris and particulate build up in the pleats of your filter, slowing down the airflow and making your air conditioner’s compressor work even harder to keep things moving. Don’t waste money or energy! Shop our HVAC supply store for a high-performance replacement filter now.

The Temperature Is Uneven – Is one part of your house lukewarm while another part is freezing cold? These types of inconsistencies may indicate serious problems with your thermostat. Contact your local HVAC professional to have them perform an inspection.

The System Is Leaking – If you have easy access to your HVAC system in the basement or crawlspace of your home, and notice moisture building up around the unit, take action right away. Your air conditioning system could be leaking refrigerant–which is very dangerous for your family’s health–or the drain tube which disposes of the air conditioner condensation could be blocked or broken.

The System Is Making Weird Noises – Do you hear squealing, grating, grinding sounds every time your air conditioner clicks on? This is your system telling you–literally–that something isn’t right. If you don’t take action to repair it right away, you could be facing stiff replacement costs in the near future. “A squealing noise means that the belt has slipped out of place. It may also indicate that a metal component in your air conditioner requires more lubrication,” explains The good news is that both of these problems can be fixed by shopping for HVAC parts and supplies at Brookaire. We carry a full selection of V-belts and coil cleaners for your HVAC equipment.

The System Is Emitting Strange Smells – Strange sounds coming from your air conditioning unit is bad enough, but if your nose detects strange odors every time the system fires up, you’re in serious trouble. The pungent or foul smells emanating from your air conditioning vents often mean that insulation covering the wires has burned out, putting you at risk for system failure or even an electrical fire. Musty smells coming from your HVAC vents can mean that mold is growing inside your unit or ductwork, putting the inhabitants of your home at risk for serious health problems. Either way, it’s important to call an experienced HVAC repair professional to evaluate the issues right away.

Brookaire Makes It Easy To Shop For HVAC Parts Online

No matter what is causing your air conditioning system to malfunction, rest assured that Brookaire will make it easy to obtain the replacement parts and supplies you need. By cutting out the middleman, our online HVAC store is able to pass the savings onto you, the consumer. That’s why you’ll find that the prices for our air conditioner parts and supplies are often much lower than big box home improvement stores and small retailers. Shop online today and keep that HVAC system in good working order for years to come!


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