Pleated Air Filters - What Makes Them So Different?

Pleated Air Filters - What Makes Them So Different?

Unless you’re an expert, it can be a major struggle trying to figure out which air filter is right for your HVAC system. When you shop at Brookaire Company, you’ll find a number of air filters online that are different sizes, dimensions, and structural soundness.

But pleated air filters have turned into a popular choice for homeowners and for good reasons. These filters do an exceptional job of removing dust and allergens from your likely polluted indoor air. In turn, this allows your heating and air conditioning to run smoother. So it’s no secret that pleated air filters rank as one of the most efficient and cost-effective filters you can buy.

You will see that it’s really the design that sets pleated air filters apart from the rest. Because of its larger surface area, pleated air filters catch more particulates. That ensures a cleaner, healthier home. Not to mention, the larger surface area makes cleaning your filters less of a hassle.

Brookaire Company is proud to feature BRUTUS, the MERV 8 pleated filter. The metal-reinforced design holds steady even under the toughest of heavy dust loading. Plus, the moisture-proof frame holds strong at up to 46% greater thickness than other competing filters on the market. Think of BRUTUS as both a short-term and long-term solution, as this specially designed air filter features 43% lower airflow resistance than the competition.

Two More Tips When It Comes to Pleated Air Filters

• They need changing and cleaning regularly, just like your standard air filter. Since there’s no way to know if your pleated air filter is still effective, we advise that you make a habit of checking it regularly. It’s important to clean your air filter every four to five weeks and change them at least every three to four months. As discussed in previous posts, keeping up with the maintenance of your air filters promotes the cleanest air possible.

• Different companies make their pleated air filters with a variety of materials, therefore, structural integrity may differ. What does this exactly mean? Well, you may see when you shop for filters that some include a wire mesh on the front as a way to reduce blockage and allow the filter to maintain its shape. However, some filters are created with strong enough materials that make the mesh useless.

If you think your home could benefit from pleated air filters, check out our selection of Standard & Non-Standard Sizes, Standard Efficiency & Capacity, High Efficiency & Capacity, Odor-Ex and more.

Standard & Non-Standard Sizes

These feature a 20% recycled cardboard moisture-proof frame that boasts a 46% greater thickness than most filters.

Standard Efficiency & Capacity

Brookaire Company sells a full line of replacement and custom-sized high performance Standard Efficiency & Capacity filters.

High-Efficiency Air Filter

If the previously discussed BRUTUS pleated air filter interests you, check out Brookaire Company for more information.


These pleats are designed to remove fumes, odors, and pollutants that you had no idea you were breathing in. Make your home’s indoor air healthier and more breathable with Odor-Ex!

If you have any questions as to which replacement air filters you should use for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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