How Dust Could Be Killing You

How Dust Could Be Killing You

Dead skin flakes, tiny pieces of animal dander, dirt, sand, insect waste, pollen, and mold.

These are just a few of the minuscule components that make up dust, which happens to be floating around you and your home right now.

Nasty, right? Perhaps even a little frightening. Our goal is not to scare you, however, but to warn you about the consequences of neglecting your dirty air filters, and how this directly affects your overall health, safety, and expenses.

5 reasons to replace your air filters regularly

  • Dirty air ducts which can clog and damage equipment
  • Unmanageable allergies
  • Reduced air flow
  • Inefficient cooling systems and higher energy bills
  • Exposure to potentially harmful airborne particles

Shop our air filtration products

Fortunately, we have a solution for you! Our team at Brookaire is here to help you take a deeper, cleaner breath with our selection of air filters.

These particular air filters are comprised of pleated paper. By folding, or pleating, the paper, the surface area is dramatically increased, leaving more filter available to trap dust and other particles. With so many variations of pleated filters, breathing has never been easier or safer!

It is important to note that pleated air filters need cleaning and changing on a regular basis. There is no way to know if you filter is clogged or finished except to check it. As you now know, routine air filter care is essential to being rid of potentially harmful dust and other floating air contaminants, as well as for optimal equipment performance and cost-efficiency. For assistance on choosing the correct air filter for you or for any additional concerns or inquiries, call us today!

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