What Are the Different Types of Air Filters?

What Are the Different Types of Air Filters?

So, it’s time to clean or replace your air filter, but you are unsure what type of air filter to use. At Brookaire, we want to simplify the three choices of air filtration designs so you know exactly what expect from your online order.
Pleated air filters- Because of their increased surface area, pleated air filters typically last longer and work better than the average filter. This type of filter is also generally more cost effective than other types of filters. Manufacturers will construct pleated filters from various materials and a protective wire mesh.

Fiberglass filters- With these types of filters, fiberglass is layered and then reinforced with a wire mesh. Since these filters are typically more fragile than some, it is crucial for that metal mesh to protect and prevent collapse. These are specifically designed to be disposed of after single use.

Polyester filters- Polyester is a dense material which provides a superior dust holding feature. Again, these filters are strengthened with a metal grate. Many filters made from polyester are also disposable.

All in all, filters all serve the same purpose. These porous devices are designed to eliminate air particulates that may be dangerous to inhale. Since filters have an incredibly simple design, their optimal functionality has already been discovered. When shopping for your air filters and other HVAC supplies, be sure to pay attention to the quality and composition of each filter. For further questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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