The Most Common Heating And Furnace Repairs Your Customers Will Need

The Most Common Heating And Furnace Repairs Your Customers Will Need

Whether you’re a brand new HVAC professional, just launching your career of heater and air conditioning system repair, or you’ve been installing and repairing HVAC systems for decades, it’s important to always have the right supplies on hand.

Today’s consumers don’t want to have to pay separate service charges each time you need to visit their home or business. If you show up, identify the problem, but don’t have the correct parts on hand to repair it during the initial visit, they’re going to be frustrated and may leave your company a bad review. Luckily, we can help.

Brookaire has been providing high quality HVAC supplies for both commercial and private consumers for many years. We carry the best brands at the best prices, whether you’re looking for HEPA and ULPA air filters; engine, oil, and air conditioning filters; v-belts or coil cleaners, we’ve got what you need at a price that fits into your budget. If you want to make sure your warehouse and technician vehicles are well stocked with replacement air filters and other essential supplies, you’ve got to be aware of the most frequently encountered heating and furnace repair issues.

While the exact problems and frequency that are most common in your area may differ from this list, many industry experts agree that these are the problems most HVAC professionals encounter when called out on a job because of furnace issues.

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General Maintenance

A furnace or HVAC system is a complicated piece of machinery that’s often called upon to work 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Just like other mechanical appliances in the home or commercial workplace, they need to be maintained! That’s why Brookaire Company is proud to announce a new addition to our product line: cleaning solutions and sprays for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration units! These products include internal coil cleaners, premium exterior condenser and evaporator coil cleaners and brighteners, and valueline series of exterior condenser and evaporator coil cleaners.

Air Filter Replacement 

The second most common reason that HVAC professionals will be called out on a job is the lack of efficiency/performance on the part of the furnace. In most cases, this can be directly traced back to a clogged, dirty, damaged air filter. With Brookaire, it’s easy to keep a stock of high-quality, high-performance air filters on hand at all times. When you buy air filters from Brookaire, you’ll know you’re getting the best, and you won’t have to delay the job because you have to run back to the shop to find a HEPA filter or air filter fan for an odd furnace type.

Belt Replacement

As we’ve already noted, HVAC systems are called upon to work during all four seasons, often during extremely cold or extremely hot weather. It’s not surprising then, that certain parts break down over time, and must be replaced in advance to prevent loss of function. That’s why in addition to replacement air filters, Brookaire offers a full selection of high performance wedge belts, classical v-belts, and raw edge or moulded cogged belts for HVAC equipment. With these high-quality, affordable belts on hand, you’ll always be prepared to keep furnaces running great!
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