FAQ About HEPA Air Filters And HVAC Supplies Online

We are the clean air specialists here at Brookaire. Located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, we proudly service the greater NYC area and the NJ metro area as well. But keep in mind that in addition to local service, we also offer the entire nation with the air conditioner supplies that businesses and private residences require.…read more

The Most Common Heating And Furnace Repairs Your Customers Will Need

Whether you’re a brand new HVAC professional, just launching your career of heater and air conditioning system repair, or you’ve been installing and repairing HVAC systems for decades, it’s important to always have the right supplies on hand. Today’s consumers don’t want to have to pay separate service charges each time you need to visit…read more

What’s The Difference Between HEPA and ULPA Air Filters?

It’s been six months since you last changed the air filter in your HVAC system, so like any good homeowner, you head to your local hardware store to purchase a replacement. The air filter is like the nose of the entire HVAC system: it’s designed to prevent harmful particulate from finding it’s way into the…read more

Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs To Be Serviced

Summer is a wonderful season. The days are long, the temperatures are warm, and we get to finally shake off that cabin fever in exchange for lots of outdoor activity. But depending on where in the world you’re located, summer can sometimes be a little TOO warm. It’s on these days, when the temperatures climb…read more

What Are the Different Types of Air Filters?

So, it’s time to clean or replace your air filter, but you are unsure what type of air filter to use. At Brookaire, we want to simplify the three choices of air filtration designs so you know exactly what expect from your online order. Pleated air filters- Because of their increased surface area, pleated air…read more

Tips For Keeping Up with Air Filter Maintenance

As you already know, housekeeping is a never-ending task. It can seem like no matter how much you clean, it continues to pile up. To top it off, some chores are easy to forget, especially if they aren’t a daily task or they’re in an area you don’t interact with often. One of the most…read more

How to Clean Your Air Filter at Home

Just like doing the dishes or taking out the trash, cleaning your air filter should be on your routine housekeeping list. Without the help of a properly functioning air filtration system, dirty units can make you more susceptible to breathing air that is full of dangerous particles. Cleaning and maintaining your air filter is a…read more