20x25x5 Ultravation Progressive MERV-11 Media Air Filters (3 Pack)

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MERV 11 performance

Low pressure drop

Progressive particulate capture for long life

100% Synthetic Fibers

Stable Media Charge

High Initial Efficiency

Thermally Bonded

Fibers resist shedding

Media does not absorb moisture

Continuous fibers

No chemical binders

Detailed Description

The next generation in pleated filters,

UltravationProgressive Media performs well beyond regular pleated filters in the four most important areas of performance: particle capture, holding capacity, initial efficiency and pressure drop.

MERV 11 performance:

85% efficient on particles 3 to 10 microns

Ultravation® pleated media filters meet and exceed MERV 11 (ASHRAE 52.2) performance standards using unique, UltraStrandshaped fibers. The especially shaped surface of an UltraStrandfiber captures and holds particles far better than the typical round fiber, because of its rough, irregular surface and increased surface area. To increase capture ability still further, UltraStrandfibers carry a permanent electrostatic charge that attracts particles like a magnet.

Progressive design for high capacity

Ultravation Progressive design increases fiber density from the upstream to the downstream side, gathering the largest particles in the first part of the filter, while progressively smaller particles are captured through the filter. As a result, the media becomes filled edge to edge, providing very high dirt holding capacity. Ultravation Progressive filtration is also extraordinarily efficient: providing an initial dust spot efficiency of 51% with an average dust spot efficiency of 56%.

Increased performance without increased pressure drop

Increased efficiency in particulate capture has always meant increased air resistance not with Ultravation! Progressive media design and UltraStrandshaped fibers achieve MERV 11 performance without increased fiber density:

An Ultravation progressive MERV 11 filter will do its job causing less pressure drop than a typical MERV 8 media filter!

Designed to optimize indoor air quality

UltraStrandmedia provides excellent bi-directional strength and the fibers are thermally bonded and continuous, so they resist shedding. UltraStrandfibers are also 100% synthetic—friendly to people with allergies. The filter media is laminated to a heavy-duty, galvanized, rust resistant metal backing that stabilizes the media during operation. The pleats are formed in a radial configuration to ensure proper dust loading. The pleated media pack is adhered to the peripheral interior of a heavy-duty, die cut frame with surrounding gasket to prevent air bypass. The board frame creates a double-wall thickness around the perimeter of the filter.

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