20x20x5 ProgressiveMedia MERV 11 High Performance Filter

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SKU: 91-013

20x20x5 ProgressiveMedia™ MERV 11 High-Performance Filter

The high-performance MERV 11 media replacement 20x20x5 air filter is designed for residential use. This whole-house filter provides cleaner air to reduce the allergens in your home. With 100% synthetic fibers, the filter is designed to capture small particles such as dust, mold spores and pollen as well as microscopic particles such as viruses and bacteria. This filter is also highly effective at capturing pet hair and dander, making it an ideal choice for pet owners.

The MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating indicates the effectiveness of air filters. This progressive high-performance air filter SKU 91-013 has a rating of MERV 11, which has up to 79% efficiency with 1 to 3 micron-sized particles and 85% or greater efficiency with 3 to 10 micron-sized particles. These high percentages indicate that MERV 11 filters provide a significantly higher particulate efficiency than many other air filters.

To extend the lifespan of the filter, its frame is constructed with galvanized steel for enhanced durability and moisture-resistance to increase the lifespan of the filter. 

The filter typically lasts for 12 months before replacement is needed. For the best airflow and filter performance, we recommend replacing your filter every 6 months. 

Additional benefits of the 20x20x5 ProgressiveMedia™ MERV 11 High-Performance Filter include:

  • Fibers that are 100% synthetic, shed-resistant and continuous
  • Low pressure drop
  • High efficiency
  • Moisture-resistant
  • No chemical binders
  • Stable media charge
  • Thermally bonded 
  • Compatible with any straight through-style air cleaner with 20x20 dimensions

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Genuine ProgressiveMedia MERV 11 5-inch pleated filter. Fits any straight through style air cleaner with 20x20 dimensions

MERV 11 performance

Low pressure drop

Progressive particulate capture for long life

100% Synthetic Fibers

Stable Media Charge

High Initial Efficiency

Thermally Bonded

Fibers resist shedding

Media does not absorb moisture

Continuous fibers

No chemical binders

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