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16x18x1 Dust Fighter 95 Permanent Electrostatic Filter

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16x18x1 Dust Fighter 95 Permanent Electrostatic Filter

The Dust Fighter 95 16x18x1 filter gets its name from its ability to eliminate 95% of the common harmful pollutants in your home. In comparison, fiberglass filters trap 5%, and electrostatic air filters trap 80%. This filter gets more particles out of your HVAC system at a cost-effective price.

The Dust Fighter 95 filter's design sets the standards for quality in the filter industry with specs such as:

  • Peak and average arrestance of 95% and 93%, respectively
  • 130 grams dust holding capacity at 1-inch w.g.
  • 100 grams dust holding capacity at 1.5-inch w.g.

Arrestance measures the filter's ability to remove synthetic dust from the air, and dust holding capacity refers to how long a filter will last.

The permanent electrostatic filter is built to last as it has an antimicrobial media core and five layers of filtration media for the ultimate capturing capabilities. The air filter uses an alternate polarity configuration with self-charging polypropylene filtration media layers. This design can attract particles as small as 0.1 microns. The media is built into a durable aluminum frame.

This filter has a lifetime warranty as it's reusable. Use the pull tabs to remove the filter for routine cleaning and maintenance. Wash your filter with a detergent every one to two months, and let the water drain out of the drain holes to dry.

Buy Your Permanent Electrostatic Filter 16x18x1 From Brookaire Today

Brookaire is a trusted online supply store for HVAC products for 45 years. In addition to offering standard sizes for 1- and 2-inch frames, we also make custom-sized filters. Our custom filters have a 48-hour lead time, so you can get them as soon as you need them.

Order your Dust Fighter 95 Permanent Electrostatic filter 16x18x1 today. This filter has a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

The Dust Fighter 95 electrostatic air filter has set the benchmark of quality that all filters strive to meet. Typical fiberglass throwaway filters can trap only 5% of pollutants. And ordinary electrostatic air filters sold through media and discount outlets trap only 80%. The Dust Fighter 95 is the most effective tool for eliminating 95% of common household pollutants which can harm you, your family, and your heating and cooling system.

Lifetime Warranty
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Anti-Microbial Media Core
Five Layers of Filtration Media
Durable Aluminum Frame
Pull Tabs
Drain Holes
40 Standard Sizes (1" and 2" frame)
Custom Sizes Available

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